from the WM July Meeting Notes

I thought I would give you a brief summary of our stated meeting held July 14th.
First, we have been given a date for our Lodge of Instruction for 2015. It is Wednesday October 7th at 7:00 pm. We will due the opening on the Master Mason Degree through the 1st section. Bluffton Lodge will join us usual and will be responsible for the second section and the close. It would be good to see as many Brothers in attendance as possible.
Also, I again noted that Grand Lodge has given us the option of changing the month of our election of officers to November from December if we so choose. For us that would mean that we would not have the Past Masters Meeting the evening following. (which is usually the case) and thus give the newly elected Master a little time to prepare for that meeting. Secondly it would give him a little more time to plan for his Installation of Officers. We will discuss this at the August stated meeting and vote on it also. So if you have any pros or cons be prepared to present them prior to the vote.
It would be appreciated if someone would step up and volunteer to do the meal for the August meeting. The rest of the year is pretty well filled. Just send me an email—the first received will receive the opportunity to do the meal.
Fraternally yours,
Harry Miller
Worshipful Master
Decatur Lodge #571